Shuffling along.

Second unexpected side effect of new med: constant insomnia-hypersomnia cycles. Bloody grand. It’s not worth my cats starving.

Got bone density test requisition. I’ll arrange the appointment tomorrow. No immediate need for hormone replacement therapy.

Filled out the long-term funding application and copied all the necessary documents it asked for. The gyno appointment put me in roughly the same vicinity as the funding office, so I figured I’d drop it off on my way home, but the gyno fell behind in her appointments when one patient took several minutes longer than anticipated, and mine finished after the funding office closed. Thankfully, the drugstore at the other end of the building has a postal outlet, so I did the semi-lazy thing and mailed the application instead. Fingers crossed for a good result.

I’m glad I brought the walker with me. I wasn’t sure if I’d need it, since I felt relatively good when I left for the appointment, but the left-hand site got stabby on my way home. Gyno had to pull the rest of the stitches out because they didn’t fall out on their own. Stupid slow healing, and stupid lupus for giving me the stupid slow healing.

Now to wait some more. At least I have new books to read.


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