So tired.

Fatigue, insomnia and post-surgery pain have been my constant companions of late. Being tired but unable to sleep is at once surreal and annoying; being awake for multiple 30-hour-plus stretches in a row is crazymaking. I’m not entirely sure what’s causing it, but my guess is either the copious amounts of tea I’ve been consuming or the extra vitamin D for bone health. The fatigue feels like a leaden weight at the base of my skull.

I attempted to go for a brief bit of shopping with the help of relatives and discovered the hard way that my cane is insufficient support for such an endeavour. Another relative will be dropping off a wheeled walker for me to use for a while. On top of it, sitting is starting to hurt again. I’m really detesting this helplessness thing.

New med, a mood balancer, seems to be working somewhat. The only downside thus far is that it’s made my tinnitus louder.

I hate this “just existing” mode.

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